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Generation Peer Sharing Event

April 15-16, 2014

San Ramon, California - In WICF's first ever Generation peer sharing event, over fifty participants from over 
thirty different companies met on April 15-16.  Led by Leland McMillan, the WICF Generation Focus Group drove 
the effort, with support from the WICF Steering Committee and various generation experts across the country.  
The event was highlighted by participants discussing compliance and enforcement items including:  the sharing 
of ideas, lessons learned, problems solved, and regional audit experiences.  Specific topics included PRC 
standards, Future High Risk Standards, VAR standards, Internal Controls, CIP Standards, Internal Compliance 
Program, Generator Lead Lines, FAC-008, and others.  Hosted by Pacific Gas and Electric, this event was open 
to a NERC registered entity audience with Generation background, and it featured a unique format designed to
facilitate discussion.  There was no cost for attending this event - the only requirement was that each 
participant sign-up as a contributor to one or more of the agenda topics.  Participants delivered information 
through various formats, including power point slides, discussion, and panel participation - the flexibility 
fostered essential peer sharing for enhancement of NERC compliance programs!

This event was targeted specifically to how registered entities are addressing NERC/WECC standards as they 
relate to Generation.  In this context, generation includes application of programs ranging from large 
vertically integrated utilities to small merchant generators, and everything in between.  Attendees included 
registered entities that owned only one BES generator to operators of many facilities across the country to 
entities who include GO and GOP functions along with a myriad of other registered functions.  Individual 
participants ranged from plant managers to compliance professionals to engineers and various other utility 
roles.  WICF sees this type of event as essential to WICF's future. The small group participant format 
enhanced sharing and networking to facilitate successful knowledge transfer.  Since everyone was "required" 
to share, broad perspectives were achieved across each topic.  As a result, information sharing about 
regulatory experiences and operational practices were evident.  

Survey results showed an overwhelmingly satisfied audience as well as idea generation for future events.  
Since small group events are inexpensive and information sharing is extremely helpful, WICF will be 
entertaining the concept of facilitating future peer sharing events.  If your entity is interested in the 
benefit of such an event, and your entity has a facility capable of hosting thirty or more people, please 
let the WICF Steering Committee know.  

To collaborate with your peers on Generation compliance, please consider joining the WICF Generation Focus 
Group.  For more information or to become a member, contact Leland McMillan at lmcmillan@pplweb.com or