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Internal Compliance Program

(ICP)/Internal Controls Focus Group Charter


The ICP/Internal Controls Focus Group will direct its resources to specific initiatives related to Internal Compliance Programs 
as they become relevant and of interest to the WICF community.  A prior focus was on shaping the content and scoring of the WECC 
ICP Self-Assessment questionnaire.  The current initiative is the utilization of Internal Controls to ensure the reliability and 
security of the BES.


Five objectives have been identified to address the effective utilization of internal controls to ensure the reliability and 
security of the BES.

Objective 1: Ensure the reliability and security of the BES. This Objective was wrapped up on October 22, 2013 with the formal issuance of 
                    the "Internal Controls White Paper." This document is accessible to WICF members in the ICP Folder located in the Groupsite 
                    File Cabinet.

Objective 2: Provide appropriate Internal Control tools to the WICF membership.

Objective 3: Educate WICF Membership in the use of Internal Control tools to ensure the reliability and security of the BES, and to comply 
                    with related standards.

Objective 4: Assess the status of adoption and effectiveness of Internal Controls within WICF, and provide feedback to regulatory authorities

Objective 5: Interact with other NERC Regions, and industries, as appropriate, to continually improve use of Internal Controls to achieve our 
                    stated vision.

Participation in the ICP/Internal Controls Focus Group is open to all active WICF members. Non-WICF members may be allowed to 
participate with the consent of the ICP/Internal Controls Focus Group. If interested, you are encouraged to join by contacting 
its chair, Eric Olson, or the WICF Steering Committee Sponsor, Bob Case.