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Protection and Control

Approved by the WICF Focus Group on March 16, 2016

WICF Sponsorship:

The PRC Focus Group was selected for development by the WICF Steering Committee to address the needs of the WICF 
community regarding the Protection and Control (PRC) standards.  Angela Mendolia has been selected as the steering 
committee sponsor for the PRC Focus Group.


The PRC Focus Group will be co-chaired by three members who will share equal responsibility and authority in the direction 
and scope of the focus group.  The three members are:

Bobbi Welch - Arizona Public Service

Rhonda Bryant - El Paso Electric Company

Matthew Nutsch - Seattle City Light

Members of the leadership group will communicate regularly via phone, and email as necessary.  Meetings will be held on an 
as needed basis - rather than recurring - in order to preserve flexibility around normal work schedules and obligations.

Assigned leadership tasks shall be honored and completed as scheduled by the assignee to the best of their ability. If an 
assignment cannot be completed, due to work schedule, personal matters or other circumstance, it is the responsibility of the 
assigned person to share this issue with the leadership group so that additional resources may be added or the schedule can be

Regulatory Input:

Due to the complex nature of the PRC Standards and implementation plans it will be necessary to have discussions with 
NERC and WECC regulators from time to time.  If the need for a consultation with regulatory agencies should arise, the 
leadership group will discuss the best approach and reach a consensus before contact is made with the regulatory agency.  
Any information obtained from contact with a regulatory agency will be archived and shared with the focus group body.

The PRC Focus Group is intended to be a resource to the members of WICF that are seeking information, support and advice in 
connection with the PRC Standards' family.

Examples of the type of information to be shared include:

The development and implementation of a common approach and consistent understanding across the WECC region is 
intended to lead to reduced compliance risk for WICF members under the PRC Standards.


Membership and participation in the focus group is open to any member of WICF.  Additionally non-WICF membership may be 
permitted as necessary and will be controlled by the leadership group.

Members of the focus group are strongly encouraged to participate in all aspects of the group.  It is essential that the experiences 
and diversity of knowledge be utilized to benefit the group as a whole.  As a result of such approach, members may be called upon 
to share their experience and/or knowledge on various PRC Standards topics.  The contributions may be in the form of vetting 
documents that will be shared with the entire focus group membership, providing presentations or participating in panel discussions.


The leadership group will collaborate to form a core of Subject Matter Experts for a given PRC Standard. Each core team of 
Subject Matter Experts will strive to gather, assimilate, and disseminate information for their respective PRC Standard as 
quickly as practical.  The leadership group may also collaborate with other focus groups handling similar subjects to reduce 
duplication and fully capture relevant information.

An important factor in the success of the focus group will be outreach to focus group members and other participants.  The 
leadership group will collect input from the focus group members regarding a PRC Standard issue or concern and develop 
presentations to deliver the information through WICF meetings held during WECC Compliance Workshops, and stand-alone PRC 
Standards' gatherings and webinars.

The PRC Focus Group is meant to be a source of dependable information regarding the PRC Standards family as well as a 
collaboration forum for focus group members.  It is imperative members of the focus group be active in asking questions and 
providing input to focus group discussions or meetings.