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CIP Focus Group


The mission of the WICF CIP Focus Group is to be a resource to the members of WICF that are seeking information,
support and advice in connection with the CIP suite of reliability standards. The development and implementation
of a common approach and consistent understanding across the WECC region is intended to lead to reduced compliance
risk for WICF members under the CIP Standards.

The CIP Focus Group will facilitate open discussion, information sharing, exchange of resource materials and
knowledge, sharing of lessons learned and ideas relating to CIP compliance matters, to support the reliable and
secure operation of the Bulk Electric System/Bulk Power System.

Activities, Duties, and Responsibilities


Members will communicate regularly via phone, and email as necessary.  Meetings will be held on an as needed
basis, rather than recurring to preserve flexibility around normal work schedules and obligations. Meetings
will be in the form of conference calls, Internet meetings, in-person meetings or any other form conducive to
achieving the objectives outlined in this charter.

Assigned leadership tasks shall be honored and completed as scheduled by the assignee to the best of their ability.
If an assignment cannot be completed, due to work schedule, personal matters or other circumstance, it is the
responsibility of the assigned person to share this issue with the leadership group so that additional resources
may be added, or the schedule can be adjusted.


Participation in the CIP Focus Group is open to all active WICF members. Non-WICF members that may be allowed to
participate as a guest with the consent of the Focus Group Chair and WICF Steering Committee Sponsor.  The Focus
Group Chair will announce the non-WICF member as a guest during calls and meetings. If interested in becoming a
member, you are encouraged to join by contacting the Chair, Vice Chair, or WICF Steering Committee Sponsor.


Current Chair: Lenin Maran, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Current Vice Chair: Vacant
Current WICF Steering Committee Sponsor: Lynn Goldstein, PNM

The Focus Group will select the Chair and Vice Chair using simple majority voting.  The nominee that receives the
most votes is selected. A Sponsor will be appointed by the WICF Steering Committee.

The focus group reports directly to the WICF Steering committee.

Version History

Revisions to the charter will be developed by the Focus Group and approved by the WICF Steering Committee.

Version 1 	Date: 8/20/2019