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New Standards Implementation


The New Standards Implementation (“NSI”) Focus Group will monitor standards development activity for new and revised Standards, definitions, or criteria related to Standards applicable to NERC Registered Entities in the
Western Region and assist the membership in successfully planning and implementing changes to their compliance program as appropriate.  

Activities, Duties, and Responsibilities

This focus group will review and analyze new and revised Standards to determine the potential impacts the new or revised standard may have on the membership. This diverse group will provide feedback to the membership, 
as appropriate, to assist in successfully implementing the Standards into their compliance program prior to the effective date. When necessary, this group will coordinate with a WECC or 
North American Electric Reliability Corporation ("NERC") liaison to assist in this process.



Participation in the NSI Focus Group is open to all active WICF members. Non-WICF members that may be allowed to participate as a guest with the consent of the Focus Group Chair and WICF Steering Committee Sponsor.
The Focus Group Chair will announce the non-WICF member as a guest during calls and meetings. If interested in becoming a member, you are encouraged to join by contacting the Chair, Vice Chair, 
or WICF Steering Committee Sponsor.  


Current Chair: Jenny Wike, Tacoma Power
Current Vice Chair: TBD
Current WICF Steering Committee Sponsor: Ryan Walter, Tri-State Generation & Transmission

The Focus Group will select the Chair and Vice Chair using simple majority voting.  The nominee that receives the most votes is selected. A Sponsor will be appointed by the WICF Steering Committee.

The focus group reports directly to the WICF Steering committee.

Version History:

Revisions to the charter will be developed by the Focus Group and approved by the WICF Steering Committee.

Version 1 Date:	August 20, 2013 – Founding charter
Version 2 Date:	June 13, 2019 – Revisions to align with template