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Small Entity

Approved by the WICF Small Entity Focus Group on September 11, 2014


The intent of this Focus Group is to facilitate interactions between small entities to increase awareness, share 
lessons learned, and overcome unique challenges to support compliance with Reliability obligations related to the 
operation of the Bulk Electric System.


Small registered entities need specialized help in their endeavors to comply with NERC Reliability Standards.  
Although the number of requirements applicable to a small entity may be much reduced compared to a larger entity, 
the available staff to self-monitor and develop a compliance program is limited.  Most small entities must assign 
this task and many other unrelated compliance tasks to a single individual.    Therefore, the ability for small 
entities to track and implement new developments in compliance is challenging requiring tailored help resources.  
Further, limited resources make it difficult to offer constructive comment to standard development with limited 
resources.  The Small Entity Focus Group is focused on providing this specialized help.


This Focus Group has identified the following tools for small entity compliance personnel to successfully develop 
and maintain a compliance program, keep abreast of new developments, and present a positive and effective influence 
in efforts to develop and revise new Reliability Standards that impact small entities:



Participation in the Small Entity Focus Group is open to all WICF members.  Non-WICF members may be allowed to participate 
with the consent of the Small Entity Focus Group.  If interested, you are encouraged to join by contacting the Chair, 
Dale Dunckel, via the WICF Contact Us page.