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Membership in WICF is open to any WECC Registered Entity as listed in the NERC Compliance Registry Matrix or the equivalent 
Canadian or Mexican listing.  If you represent such an entity, you may join WICF by clicking the "Join WICF" link in the left 
margin and filling out the WICF Membership Request Form.  

The ‘Contact Us’ fields below allow members or prospective members to submit questions to the WICF Steering Committee.  
The WICF Steering Committee also welcomes any questions from those representing an entity currently in the process of developing
a compliance program prior to their actual registration through WECC.  

Your questions will be held in confidence and not forwarded to compliance enforcement, consultants, or vendors.

Please note: Since the WICF Steering Committee is all volunteer based, a response may take a few hours, days or up to a week.  No solicitation emails, please.
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