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Event Analysis - This Group is retired for now.


The mission of the Event Analysis Focus Group is to promote a structured and
consistent approach to performing event analyses that could affect the reliability
and security of the Bulk Electric System, and the sharing of Event Analysis process

Activities, Duties, and Responsibilities
  •  Promote participation in and transparency of the North American Electric
     Reliability Corporation (NERC) Event Analysis Process.
  •  Facilitate open sharing between Western Interconnection Compliance Forum
     (WICF) members of Event Analysis process experiences.
  •  Identify and share best practices for analyzing events within the Group and the
     broader WICF community, such as tools, templates, and procedures.
  •  Serve as a clearinghouse for WICF feedback to the NERC Events Analysis
     Group and the Regional Entities regarding Events Analysis experiences

  •  Periodic conference calls, webinars, and meetings.
  •  Email communication between group members
  •  Utilize WICF Groupsite as the primary communication vehicle, utilizing its email
     blast, discussions, file repository, and calendar capabilities
  •  Focus Group may develop templates and post member tools reflecting best
  •  Work with others as appropriate to understand issues and communicate with
     WICF Membership
  •  Provide Focus Group Updates at WICF Meetings as appropriate
  •  Discussions with NERC and WECC regulators from time to time

Participation in the Event Analysis Focus Group is open to all active WICF members.
Non-WICF members that may be allowed to participate as a guest with the consent of the
Focus Group Chair and WICF Steering Committee Sponsor.  The Focus Group Chair will
announce the non-WICF member as a guest during calls and meetings. If interested in
becoming a member, you are encouraged to join by contacting the Chair, Vice Chair, or
WICF Steering Committee Sponsor.

Current Chair: Vacant
Current Vice Chair: Vacant
Current WICF Steering Committee Sponsor: Tino Zaragoza, Imperial Irrigation District

Version History
Revisions to the charter will be developed by the Focus Group and approved by the WICF Steering Committee.

Version 1  Date: 4.14.2015, Founding Original
Version 2  Date: 6/22/2016, Revisions
Version 3  Date: 6/13/2019, Revisions to align with template.
Version 4  Date: 12/8/2020, Update Chair and Vice Chair
Version 5  Date: 08/10/2023; Retired group for time being.