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Event Analysis

Approved by the WICF Focus Group on June 22, 2016


The purpose of the Event Analysis Focus Group is to promote a structured and consistent approach to performing event analyses that 
could affect the reliability and security of the Bulk Electric System, and the sharing of Event Analysis process experiences.


    1. Promote participation in and transparency of the NERC Event Analysis Process.
    2. Facilitate open sharing between WICF members of Event Analysis process experiences.
    3. Identify and share best practices for analyzing events within the Group and the broader WICF community, such as tools, templates,
        and procedures.
    4. Serve as a clearinghouse for WICF feedback to the NERC Events Analysis Group and the Regional Entities regarding Events 
        Analysis experiences


Participation in the Event Analysis Focus Group is open to all active WICF members. Non-WICF members may be allowed to participate 
with the consent of the participating Event Analysis Focus Group members.

If interested in participating, you are encouraged to contact the WICF Event Analysis Focus Group leader, Laurie Williams, or the 
group's WICF Steering Committee Sponsor, Bob Case.