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2014 Generation Peer Sharing
Generator Lead Line Status
Small Entity ICP Template
WICF January 2013 Presentation
WICF October 2012 Presentation
WICF June 2012 Presentation
White Paper - Interconnection Facility

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Compliance Workshop Agenda
WICF Agenda

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WICF Member Welcome Document

Membership in WICF is open under one of the following eligibility requirements:

Anyone currently employed by a NERC Registered Entity operating in the Western Interconnection,
Anyone under contract by a NERC Registered Entity to perform work related to NERC compliance for that Registered Entity,
Anyone employed by a company which has received written confirmation from WECC of a pending NERC registration, or
Members of industry organizations whose membership in WICF is approved by the WICF Steering Committee.

Each member may choose to enter a vote for any ballot issued by the Steering Committee to the Membership.
Please note that in those WECC jurisdictions where a registry is held separate from NERC, that region's registry
will be considered the equivalent of the NERC Registry.

WICF Membership Application Process:

Applicants employed by qualifying current/former Registered Entities or industry organizations:
  • Go to the WICF Groupsite Login page.
  • Not a member of WICF? Click on the "Join Now!" link at the bottom of the web page.
  • Groupsite will begin the process for you to enter the necessary information to create a membership request (Request).
  • Complete required entry fields and click on the "Join" button to submit the Request. Note that if your email address is already associated with a Groupsite account, the “Already have a Groupsite account?” link must be utilized to avoid an error message.
  • After the Request is submitted, log into the Groupsite account created by (or used to initiate) the Request and ensure the following entry fields are populated correctly:
    1. First and last name,
    2. Email address must be hosted by a NERC registered entity; private domains such as yahoo.com,
      hotmail.com, and msn.com will result in a rejection,
    3. City and State where the applicant's office is located,
    4. NERC registered company name - must have operations within the Western Interconnection, and
    5. Applicant's job title.
  • Groupsite will notify the administrators to review the membership request. The applicant will receive email confirmation of Membership Service’s acceptance, request for further qualifications, or rejection.
Applicants under contractual agreement to perform NERC compliance work:
  • Send an email to Membership Services with the following information included:
    • First and last name of applicant,
    • Consulting firm name if applicable,
    • Job title, and
    • Contact information for employee of a qualifying Registered Entity who can verify the contractual agreement.
  • Complete the Groupsite Login request for membership described above with the exception of for item “d”: – if employed by a consulting firm, enter the name of the firm; or if under an employment contract with a NERC Registered Entity, enter company name in this format: Contract with [Entity].

Join Now!

If you are having trouble joining WICF or have lost your password or log-in information please send an email to membershipservices@wicf.biz for assistance.