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WICF Member Welcome Document

Membership in WICF is open under one of the following eligibility requirements:

Anyone currently employed by a NERC Registered Entity operating in the Western Interconnection,
Anyone under contract by a NERC Registered Entity to perform work related to NERC compliance for that Registered Entity,
Anyone employed by a company which has received written confirmation from WECC of a pending NERC registration, or
Employees of industry organizations whose membership in WICF is approved by the WICF Steering Committee.

To begin the WICF Membership request process, the applicant will need an EEI account. If an account as not been established, please do this now by going to EEI.org, clicking on the blue "log in" button on the upper right of the screen, and then clicking "create an account". You don't have to be an EEI member to create an account.

WICF Membership Request Form

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