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Jim Robb
Chief Executive Officer
Matt Jastram, Chair
Western Interconnection Compliance Forum

Although I am new to my position as CEO of WECC, I have already heard a great deal about the strong collaboration
between WECC and WICF. Like my predecessors, I fully support this alliance. In addition to providing an important
discussion forum between registered entities and WECC, our cooperative efforts will help improve all our processes.

WECC is pleased to continue its support for the Forum with WECC staff who do not have compliance duties. As per
custom, WECC Compliance staff will not attend WICF meetings and all WECC staff in liaison or support roles have
been reminded to maintain strict confidentiality when it comes to the discussions and business of the Forum.

I look forward to our continued collaboration in support of the reliability of the Western Interconnection.
Western Electricity Coordinating Council